Rutt Deen (e)

1993Rutt Deen
16mm, 60 min., color
Script, direction, editing: Hans Scheugl
Production: Allegro Film, Vienna
Camera: Tamas Ujlaki (Vienna), Reinhard Kofler (Calcutta)
Music: Ulf Langheinrich
Sound: Bernhard Bamberger, Jimmy French (Calcutta)
Actors: Walter Sachers, Claudia Martini, Gabriele Heckel.

Rutt Deen is Hindi and means Night Day.

Harsh confrontation of images from Vienna with those from Calcutta. The images are the memories and nigthmares of a man who spent some time in Calcutta and is now visiting Vienna for the first time. The gap between the two worlds is as big as that between dreaming and waking, between night and day. Scheugl lifts his impressions of India far above exotism or superficial reporting.

Stefan Grissemann, 1995.

Festivals: Viennale 1993, Rotterdam 1994

Distribution: sixpackfilm, Vienna