Prince of Peace

16mm, 8 min., color
Direction, Production, Editor: Hans Scheugl
Camera: Reinhard Kofler
Soundtrack: Ulf Langheinrich
Premiere: June 11th,1993, Stadtkino, Vienna

The entrance to a men’s toilet in an underground pedestrian passage in Vienna. Church bells are heard ringing. In a merciless editing rhythm anonymous men are brougth ever closer to the opaque glass door, in rhythmic stanzas they are stuck ever deeper inside the room one can’t see into. Cut in between are photos from a pornographic magazine that show a tatooed Saviour placed in direct connection with the sexual intercourse between two men – all to the sounds of a ghastly wind-instrument. „Prince of Peace“ is written under the Redeemer’s face.

Claus Philipp, 1993

Festivals 1994: Rotterdam, San Francisco, Augsburg, Glasgow, Utrecht, Melbourne, Sidney, Osnabrück, Riga, Edinburgh, Barcelona.

In the collection of: Centre Georges Pompidou.

Distribution: sixpackfilm, Vienna; Light Cone, Paris; Film-Makers’ Cooperation, New York