Der Ort der Zeit / The Place of Time

1985Ort d Zeit Hans_Scheugl-1985-Ort der Zeit 2
16mm, 1 : 1.85, 40 min., color.
Script and direction: Hans Scheugl
Production: Cinecoop Film Vienna
Camera: Tamas Ujlaki
Music: Hiro Kurosaki
Actors: Luigi Trenkler, Giacomo, Susanne Gross, Ferdinand Stahl, Linda Christanell, Tim Sharp, Anna Swoboda, Susanne Zanke, Janine Solich, Gerhard Swoboda.
Premiere: October 18th, 1985, Österreichische Filmtage Wels.

The film consists of a succession of shots with a linear spatial and temporal continuity. Each shot is motionless, with no pan or dolly shot. The camera’s position keeps moving to the right throughout the entire film. In this way a topographical recording of the area is created apparnetly without consideration of what is going on there. Events, people, places appear and disappear, not considering their own importance and logic, because the picture’s progression is subject to its own rhythm.

Hans Scheugl, 1985

The Place of Time displays how a sequence of very simple images in cinema can become very difficult to read. Scheugl’s narrative drama is open-ended on all possible formal (and intellectual) fronts, activating the viewer’s pleasure to freely associate.

Stefan Grissemann, 2012

Festivals 1986: Rotterdam, Berlin, Salso, Osnabrück.

Distribution: sixpackfilm, Vienna.