(Calcutta) GO

16mm, 9 min., color
Production: Hans Scheugl
Camera: Reinhard Kofler
Sound: Jimmy French

The path is the goal, or, in other words: cinema is a chain of movements, a continuous pan, a sweeping eye which has become used to an existance in constant overstimulation. With its proximity to documentarism and in the simplicity of its conception (Calcutta) GO points back to Hans Scheugl’s early Wien 17, Schumanngasse. The eye of the camera in the car registers the citry rushing by as does the alert ear of the microphone. Scheugl leaves time and space behind while he is still talking about them. (Calcutta) GO is a fast-moving, nimble photographic report on the capacity of film and the elegance of its movements. (Calcutta) is the location;  GO is the director’s instruction derived from the understanding of a survival strategy practised millions of times.

Stefan Grissemann, 1993

Festivals 1994: Rotterdam, Augsburg, Munich, Marseille, Riga.
Broadcasted by ORF March 21st,1994.

Print in the permanent collection of: Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Distribution: sixpackfilm, Wien, Light Cone, Paris; Film-Makers’ Cooperation, New York